Monday 23rd April 2018, 6pm

fortyfivedownstairs - 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne



La Serenissima

‘La Serenissima Repubblica di Venezia’ is a city of love and enchantment.

Join Genesis Baroque in an exploration of the trials and delights of love in this journey to 18th century Venice, with works by Vivaldi, Ziani, and Giacomelli. 

Directed from the violin by concertmaster, Lucinda Moon.


'Part I'

Antonio Vivaldi - Sinfonia La Senna Festeggiante 

"Discussion of the Serious Matters of Love amongst friends"
Pietro Andrea Ziani - oratorio, The Sacrifice of Isaac (1707) - Largo & Adagio

Antonio Vivaldi - concerto for violin in concerto in A minor RV 356 - Largo

"Meeting the Beloved"

Antonio Vivaldi - concerto for lute in D major RV 93 – Largo


Antonio Vivaldi - concerto for two violins and cello in d minor RV 565


'Part II'

Antonio Vivaldi - overture from Parte Seconda, La Senna Festeggiante

"Sorrow, Hope and Anger"
Antonio Vivaldi - concerto for cello and bassoon in E minor RV 409 - Adagio, Allegro, [alternatim]

Geminiano Giacomelli - Sinfonia in G major from Merope

"A Joyous Finale"
Antonio Vivaldi - concerto for Strings in C major RV 114


LM headshot violin b&w final.jpeg
In the hands of Lucinda Moon, the baroque violin is an instrument of seemingly limitless subtlety and freedom
— The Advertiser (2012)