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Genesis Baroque:

Read the stunning review of our concert, Ich Habe Genug, performed on 7 August 2019 here.

Baroque Opera Gala - Peninsula Summer Music Festival – Saturday 6 January 2018

“Genesis Baroque, led by the mesmerising Lucinda Moon, provided a stand-out, stand-up performance on a small stage. The acoustics under the marquee were surprisingly good, and the encore - Rameau's 'Les surprise de l'amour - was a joyous finale to an evening full of music, wine and bonhomie Peninsula Festival-style.” – Weekend Notes, 2018

Lucinda Moon:

These qualities were wonderfully captured by Lucinda Moon’s playing, which is both deeply informed by scholarship and understanding of the style while retaining spontaneity and freedom that reveals the improvisatory spirit in which much of this music was written.” – The Advertiser (2009)

”Moon played exquisitely in richly ornamented performances of sonatas by Castello, Isabella Leonarda, Stradella and Corelli. With her agile virtuosity and fluid bowing style, these were gems. Moon has completely absorbed the compact but impassioned language of these early violin composers.” – The Australian (2012)

“In the hands of Lucinda Moon, the baroque violin is an instrument of seemingly limitless subtlety and freedom.” – The Advertiser (2012)

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Here is an interview that Genesis Baroque's Artistic Director, Jennifer Kirsner, completed with Stephanie Eslake from CutCommon: